36W - 144W

An effective method for the elimination of bacteria, viruses, mold and mites. Radiation breaks down the DNA and RNA of all living organisms. The performance and functionality of the device can be adjusted according to the customer's wishes.
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Effective disinfection with a germicidal UV-C lamp

UV-C GERMICIDE SET SMU 1 - 36W is used for the disinfection of surfaces and air using UV-C radiation with a frequency of 254 nm.

Radiation breaks down the DNA and RNA of all living organisms in such a way that they are actually killed and cannot reproduce further, neither in the air nor on the surface. The device is suitable for use in many situations : industrial plants, the food industry and medical facilities, but also in locker rooms, lobbies, warehouses, waiting rooms and shops.

Destroys all life

It is an effective method for eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi and mites. The duration and intensity of the exposure needed varies according to the type of organism and the area to be disinfected.

Easy handling

The device is safe, mobile, compact and easy to operate and handle.


The performance and functionality of the device can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

How it works?

Our set with UV-C tubing starts 45 seconds after being plugged in. The digital socket has a timer for setting the length of exposure from 15 minutes to 8 hours. 

In the event that someone enters the PIR room, the motion sensor registers the movement and immediately shuts down the device.

If the device is not disconnected from the timer, it will automatically turn on again after 45 seconds and complete the disinfection process according to the time you've set on the timer / digital socket.


Technical details
1x tripod with wheels
1x PIR motion sensor - safety fuse
1x UV-C reflector for one UV-C tube
1x Germicidal UV-C tube TUV 36W SLV / 6 / T8Z
1x A4 Hanging security warning (indicator of the time when it is not allowed to enter the room - a poster with a clock)
1x UV goggles 3M type 2800
1x Sticker - This area is disinfected with UV-C radiation


TUV 36W SLV / 6 / T8 has a lifespan of 9000 hours. After one hour of irradiation approximately 5x5 m is purified to 99% - including surfaces and the air.


A professional steel tripod with wheels and a brake, it can be used for exposures up to a height of 250 cm, and comes with a simple system for comfortably adjusting the safe exposure height with just one hand.


The device has an undercarriage with wheels and a brake.

PIR Motion Sensor

The sensor is encased in a metal body for safety. If a person enters the room during the disinfection process the lamp will immediately shut down. The sensor and the tube have delayed activation, starting 45 seconds after being switched on. It responds to movement up to a 170 ° angle and to a distance of 10 meters.

Adjustable joint

A joint for adjusting the lighting to vertical and horizontal positions for illuminating spaces under tables, etc.


A timer (hour / minute) for setting the exposure time and, if desired, delayed start of the lamps. A choice of digital or mechanical.


How UV-C Germicide Set looks like?

144W version

If you have 4 times more power, you can shorten the time required for exposure. However, the recommended maximum distance is still 5m. Of course, you can move the lamp and start shining again from another place
4 x 36W in two lights.
Each reflector on one joint for height and directional exposure adjustment.
The total power is 2x 72W, so a total of 144W.
The motion safety sensor switches off and responds up to a distance of 10m.
The socket has a timer for setting the automatic switch-off from 15 minutes to 8 hours.
The standard cable length is 150cm. The photos show 4m cables at the customer's request.

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